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—two months of unlimited yoga
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—entry to Intro to Yoga Workshop (below)
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Introduction to Yoga Workshop

Workshop offered bi-weekly

What is yoga? Am I flexible enough? What if I can't do this or that? I have a past injury, is it ok if I do yoga? Can you teach me downward dog in practice? I have no idea what to expect. What the heck should I wear or bring?

Hopefully you're not one to shy away from taking care of yourself; these questions can be answered in our Introduction to Yoga Workshop to get your body moving and get you started right.

This workshop is designed for a student brand new to yoga.

What you will learn:

—types of classes
—general flow of a yoga class
—the most common poses
—phrases frequently used by teachers
—modifications and props
—how to build a consistent practice
—how to advance your practice

What you will receive:

—branded canvas gift bag
—kickass introduction to an ancient practice


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